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Feeling Good

28 Oct

See title.


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Fireworks – “Beautiful Rockets and Explosions” (HD)

28 Oct


Howard’s Big Dig

28 Oct

Howard eats these two for breakfast:

Car Wind Surfing

28 Oct

This one goes out to the Godfather of Punk and, of course, you.

An end of summer sky on a beautiful day.


Try it.

My Dog Has A Cedar Hedge Fetish!

28 Oct


Info for those messaging me…

Her name is Sadie.
She’s a Husky Border-Collie mix (looks like a husky but roughly the size of a collie)
My vet diagnosed her with Pulmonary Hedge Dysplasia. It’s a gene in which every 4th generation in the dogs lineage suffers from- unless it’s a leap year. Apparently during leap years, dogs who have this condition, become obsessed with bottles of streak-free Windex.
If you have a dog with a similar condition, please email me and share your story: jason@HedgeDysplasia_support.org

Classy Water Hooning

28 Oct

I waltz with a GMC Yukon in water. http://jasonerf.com

Hiking Sulphur Mountain

28 Oct

hiking a mountain, big or small, is definitely an experience you should enjoy at least once in life

All Summer Long

28 Oct

this is how it’s done.

play loud.